Quality Monitoring

Gaining insight from Quality Monitoring is where high performing contact centers really demonstrate that they create value for the organisation.

Most centers monitor their agent’s performance as an instrument of coaching. They call this co-listening or even coaching, but we recognize that quality monitoring is far more critical to the organisation.

Well deployed Quality monitoring programs show the organisation where its processes are at fault, why customers are contacting them, why inquiries are not resolved and where internal process result in a poor customer experience.

Man performing Quality monitoring using RevealCX

This is the true value of Quality Monitoring, but still many organizations struggle to implement this critical process. We have ourselves deployed Quality processes and know just how much effort you have to put into getting it done right to create the value or risk getting it wrong and wasting a lot of time and resources

The COPC CX Standard provides all organizations with the framework they need to design or enhance their quality processes.  It is acknowledged by the customer service industry globally to be best practice. We have therefore designed our platform to support the quality approach of the COPC CX standard.

International best practice is what we are all about.

Using our platform, you can create monitoring sheets specific to your organisation that support the critical errors types defined in the COPC CX standard. Designing forms, creating relevant error types, drill down business intelligence options and reporting are all part of our tools features.  This makes it easy for you to design and implement a high performing quality monitoring process.

To ensure that the monitoring decisions are correct, calibration is vital.  Our calibration module makes this easy by not only supporting the process but also highlighting the areas of the form where monitors make most mistakes.

Data collection is straightforward and information is readily available for quality staff, supervisors and agents to help the agent improve their performance.

To complement this our reporting ensures that you have all the data you need to analyse reasons for performance and to take action at a process level to enhance your customer experience.  With our tool your quality experts can now easily identify errors, processes that need to change or staff who need training.

We provide you with a tool that will make a significant impact on all aspects of your quality program and provide your organisation with Business Intelligence data that drives improvement in your customer experience.

Quality monitoring is all about listening to your customers and listening to what they think is important. This is made easy by our quality monitoring tools.

Performing Quality monitoring in RevealCX