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Our core product, eTray, is without comparison the best case and workflow management software on the market. eTray is designed to optimize customer service centers and increase the quality of the service rendered. In other words, eTray results in better response times, improved service levels, and ultimately in more satisfied customers.

Digital workflow management software

eTray supports, optimizes and automates work processes, handles all written correspondence (emails, SMS, letters, contracts, faxes, etc.) and distributes the task to a relevant agent based on a workflow laid out to satisfy the needs of a specific company or department. eTray keeps track of all the history pertaining to a customer case on the case (or ticket) itself, which makes it an extremely powerful tool for reducing work load, error rates and overlooked details in the customer service center.

eTray automates work tasks in the customer service center by integration with other IT systems in the company, e.g. the CRM and the ERP systems. By handling a large number of time consuming routine tasks digitally, agent resources are freed up for other tasks.

Optimization via eTray provides a much speedier and better service experience for the end customer.