We have all seen what machine learning and AI can do for our business. At Nexcom we harness this power to seamlessly improve your customer service and in doing so create great experiences for both your customers and customer service employees.

Quality Monitoring performed by AI can provide you with a complete overview of your ability to service your customers. Using AI resolves issues that are commonly found in what has historically been a manual process.  There is little variation in scores since it eliminates the differences between evaluators.  Automated contact scoring also allows you to monitor a much larger sample for all transaction types.  Indeed, in low volume areas, monitoring of all transactions becomes possible.

You can reduce the time needed to manually monitor transactions, and have our AI identify the areas of improvements for you. You spend your time in solving issues where it creates most value rather than being tied up in the act of scoring enough transactions to have a significant sample.

image of the technical side AI Machine Learning

Using our AI in your workflow will enable your agents to focus their energy on communicating with customers. By working alongside the agent and analysing a call or the wording of an email or chat message, AI can provide relevant solutions for the customer as well as executing the process based upon the agent simply acknowledging the solution. All relevant elements of the contact can be automatically logged and stored in your CRM system, reducing the time employees have to spend on writing what has taken place.  This frees them up to focus on the next inquiry and how best to service that customer.

This has a large impact on cost, efficiency and sales.

At Nexcom we believe that machine learning and AI are part of a toolset that properly used, enhance the customer experience and reduce cost at the same time, whether it is used in the contact center, online or in an app.

In Nexcom we believe in creating hyperconvenience for you and your customers.