We offer to assist in automating and optimizing workflows unless our customers prefer to do this themselves using eTray's workflow designer.

When we launch an optimization project within a business area, our work model can be split up into the following three phases:

  1. First, we identify the workflows in the different business areas, e.g. through workshops with key employees. All driven by Nexcom.
  2. Then we analyze the work processes and provide concrete suggestions on how to solve bottleneck problems or cumbersome processes. To facilitate the prioritization of our suggestions we will, of course, provide a ROI estimate on the proposals we make.
  3. Although significant savings can already be achieved at this point, our experience is that the best process improvements only occur when the manual work processes are automated and digitalized. An IT solution further contributes to structure workflows, prevent reversion to old habits and to make the need for resources more transparent.

Read more about our idea of process optimization in this brochure:

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