eTray is the most comprehensive solution on the market

eTray comes with a large number of standard features to pick and choose from allowing the company or department to compose the optimal solution to fit their specific needs.

Below please find a description of some of eTray's key features along with a full feature list:

Case managementCase Management Screen Shot

In eTray, all activities on a case are kept on the case (or ticket). All history, e.g. previous communication with the customer, actions taken by colleagues, customer information, etc. is available to all members of the customer service center. This provides the individual agents and the customer service management with a full overview of the customer correspondence along with detailed statistics on time consumption, internal service levels, open cases, work load, etc.



BPM - workflows and automationWorkflowdesignerfor Feature Intro

In eTray it is possible to fully automate routine tasks and work processes, rendering manual resources completely obsolete. Examples of such tasks are handling of emails and contracts, follow-up, etc. For the individual agent it means that time is being freed up for other tasks and the quality of the services rendered is increased. Super users can set up even complicated work processes themselves using eTrays graphical workflow designer and have the management and prioritization
of tasks be handled automatically.



Statistics and reporting toolsStats And Reports No Zoom

eTray generates an automatically updated overview of all tasks including service level compliance, number of cases in pipeline, incoming tasks over the last 24 hours, etc. The service level status is shown in real time using a graphical traffic light indicator to display the severity. Using eTray's built-in reporting tool a number of standard reports can be pulled, including individual employee records for coaching purposes, productivity reports and detailed service level reports. eTray's statistics have been designed so that they can be pulled and shown in reports adapted by other IT systems in the company, e.g. by the BI solution software.



All channels in one spotAlle Kanaler Eet Sted3

eTray handles all types of written interactions, including emails, SMS, physical documents, social media and chat. Furthermore, customer calls can be logged in eTray via integration with the company's phone system. Based on keyword recognition the interaction is channeled to the relevant agent or team, and eTray thereafter manages service levels and the continued handling. Regardless of the nature of the interaction, all information is gathered as history on the case.



Efficient handling of emailsEffektiv Handtering Af Emails New

eTray features a number of tools to ease email handling. E.g. eTray provides assistance when a mail is to be answered manually by proposing standard phrases that match the nature of the interaction. When the agent chooses a template or a phrase, eTray automatically merges customer information into the email (e.g. from the CRM system) before sending it. Furthermore, eTray can answer and send emails automatically based on templates with merge fields or information pertaining to the case in question. All answered emails are added to the case in eTray so that all history is kept in one place.




eTray comes with a configurable integration layer and an API ensuring that eTray can easily be integrated with other IT systems such as CRM, ERP, billing systems, etc. Customer data can be collected and added to a case and tasks can be fully automated by letting eTray perform actions in other systems. Integrations are configured in eTray's administration module and do not require the involvement of system developers. Using eTray's API other systems can gather information from eTray and open cases etc. via web services.



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